October at St. Andrews!

My second month as a fully trained server has been busier and I found the club delegates a little responsibility to you such as having some new interns shadowing you and teaching new people how to do certain side-works (tasks for the restaurant set up). I felt the hours are more flexible as you know what your doing so booking a day off with your friend is easier as long as you put the request in a good amount of time.

In terms of the workload I would definitely say that its increases simply due to the fact we are heading into season which usually lasts until around may because the members come to the south to avoid the winter in the northern clubs such as clubs in New York. This basically means the amount of covers we do for lunch and dinner increases and also the team of interns is split between Gallery (fine dining) and Lakeside (casual dining) for the season. As well as this, the banquets team have more events going on such as today (9th November) we have the fall social for the members. This is basically when we close the gallery and there is a large dinner party usually in the St. Andrews room for the members and these socials usually occur on major holidays/events on the calendar and the Jewish calendar.

Another interesting experience was the season kick off party with Rick Dente (the new general manager of St. Andrews) which was space themed and all the staff gathered, then Mr. Dente gave a speech about his vision for the season/club overall. After this there was some light hearted quizzes/games such as how well do you know your general manager and the prizes up for grabs were pretty extravagant such as $100 gift cards. to round off the kick off there was an inspirational speaker who did a seminar on how to remain positive with yourself and self motivation. All in all the kick off party was definitely memorable and worth attending because the family-like atmosphere and not just the free doughnuts!

I feel having been here for a month, I have definitely fully settled in/feel like I know my around Delray Beach where I live and we have a few favourite spots to go on our days and evenings off such as Roxy’s in West Palm Beach. Another place I had the privilege of checking out was the Florida everglades with Frank Butler from BSG where we took an airboat tour of the everglades to see the alligators as well having a talk from the rescue center attached and holding baby alligator which was just incredible!

Also as it was October I experienced my American Halloween which is a huge holiday over here both inside and outside out of work. On Halloween night we all dressed up as zombie geeks which to be frank ended up looking like some weird version of baby one more time but we tried! we then headed to the avenue in Delray beach to tin roof which is one our favourite spots but there’s a whole bunch of other bars to accommodate for different music tastes.

My expectations when I arrived here were simply that the job would be challenging and demanding but its definitely exceeded this expectation by being one of the most positive and amazing learning experiences I have ever done. It’s literally a whole other world but a great one because you learn so much and as corny as it sounds your work friends/colleagues do become your family.

Some advice I would give to a new intern would be to take your time in both learning the job and settling in because like myself I take a while to warm up to people and come out of my shell but now that I have its amazing! Also at work if you have any concerns always talk to a manager or a captain because they know you are new to this role and its most likely they were once in your shoes as an intern themselves so they will always be willing to help you with whatever you need. Lastly, the biggest advice I can give is seize every opportunity to explore because theres a whole world outside of work and its worth seeing.

Until next time!

Katie Foy!

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